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I.  Position Information
Title:Consultant -  Lessons Learned Documentation - International Consultant
Reports to:NPM SCDRR  a.i.
Duty Station:Jakarta 
Expected Places of Travel (if applicable):possible travel to selected provinces
Duration of Assignment:From MidOct 2012  To: Mid Nov 2012 (10 working days within 1 month contract duration)
 II. Background Information
The project “Safer Communities Through Disaster Risk Reduction in Development” (SC-DRR) is designed to make disaster risk reduction a normal part of the development process established in core functions of government and its public and private partners at all levels especially local communities where the most effective actions can be taken to reduce the physical, economic and social vulnerability to disasters.  The ultimate aim of this project is to ensure that, over the long-term, development takes place in a way that disaster risks are considered and accounted for so that over time, a culture of safety becomes the norm in Indonesia leading to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Indonesia - one of the most disaster prone countries in the world.
It is intended to attain four key outputs: 1) establishment of a disaster risk reduction policy, legal and regulatory framework, 2) establishment and strengthening of institutional systems that support decentralized disaster risk reduction integrated with local level development, 3) education and awareness programs established and strengthened to make development/disaster linkages understood and 4) the demonstration of disaster risk reduction initiatives that make communities safer.
 Led by Bappenas  and worked closely with BNPB (National Agency for Disaster Management) and  Ministry of Home Affair in increasing the awareness and understanding of the local government and BPBDs (Local Agency for Disaster Management) on prevailing  regulations concerning disaster management and disaster risk reduction, SCDRR also worked at local level – in 8 (eight) provinces and 1 (one) city – and successfully supported the development of a legal framework for Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction. With the technical and funding support from SCDRR, the local regulation on disaster management have been prepared and endorsed in Central Java, Yogyakarta, Bengkulu provinces, and Palu City whereas the drafts of the local regulation on disaster management have been formulated in other provinces; North Sulawesi, Maluku, and Bali which are expected to be endorsed before end of 2012. Local DM Plan and Local Action Plan for DRR in Palu city
have also been endorsed in 2011. 
 III. Objectives of Assignment
This consultancy is a short term assignment to extract and document the lessons learned and best practices of the SCDRR in assisting local government in developing DM Plan and other DM related local regulations. 
IV. Scope of work
Under direct supervision of the NPM SCDRR a.i the consultant should develop the main deliverables as follows:
Documenting the best practices and lessons learned on project areas (selected provinces and a city) with SCDRR’s support  for  formulation and endorsement of local DM Plan and other local DM related policy and regulations taking example from Bengkulu, Central Java, Yogyakarta provinces and Palu City.
To achieve the expected result and deliverables, the Consultant will perform the duties with detailed scope of work as follow: 
1.       Desk Review:
Conduct desk review over the existing documentations that provide information on the current project status. Documents to be review might include but not limited to: 
a.       Project Document for SC-DRR;
b.      Quarterly Reports of SC-DRR Project;
c.       Activity Reports; 
d.      Relevant Policy products 
2.       Interviews:
To obtain more detail information on the report, conduct interview and/or correspondence with:
a.       Head of CPRU
b.      DRR Programme Team 
c.       Beneficiaries (Government Officials at national and sub-national levels)
d.      Other relevant  partners (please specify)
3.       Document writing
Compile  and synthesize all information gathered from desk review and interview in a consolidated report using UNDP standard format and template for lesson learned document as explained on annex 1
V. Requirements
·   Familiarity in-depth interview technique
·   Advance proficiency in operating Microsoft office applications 
·   Strong analytical skills and excellent writing skills.
·   Experience in working with government agencies (central and local), civil society organizations and international organizations is an asset. 
·   Good interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills
·   Ability to work efficiently and independently under pressure, handle multi tasking situations with strong delivery orientation A good team player committed to enhancing and bring additional value to the work of the team as a whole
 VI. Recruitment Qualifications
Education:  Minimum Master degree in Public Administration,  Public Policy, or other relevant fields
Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in writings, development programme, or project management.
Language Requirements: Proficient in English language, spoken and written. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is essential.Ability to write, review, and edit reports. Also ability to prepare and conduct presentation.


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