Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Performance Oversight and Monitoring (POM)

The Performance Oversight and Monitoring (POM) program supports Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia. POM is currently recruiting a Data and IT Manager will oversee the Information Technology activities and data management related to POM. The assignment will involve extensive data management responsibilities particularly with respect to integrating monitoring data received from the Education Partnership implementers including the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA). In addition, in order to capture data recorded in POM’s own information generation activities, the Manager will be required to develop software to store and integrate data and also to train field personnel hired to collect the required data. The assignment also includes determining IT requirements, specifications, selection of products, installation of software and setting up internet, intranet, and other cloud-based applications. POM personnel will depend on the incumbent for advice related to ICT procurement, trouble-shooting and maintenance of hardware. Specialist skills in software development and installation, data management, maintenance of hardware as well as skills in data management are required. The incumbent will work closely with the POM team on day-to-day operations. The duties will include, but not be limited to: Maintain and monitor POM IT office infrastructure and ensure its performance is adequate to support project activities: • Establish systems and procedures to support data management and IT operations. • Coordinate and report to IT Unit in GRM for compliance with GRM IT guidelines and regulations, and to ensure smooth running of IT operations. • Be responsible for all data input within the POM office relative to audits, compliance reviews, monitoring, evaluation studies and research studies. • Provide technical assistance to POM personnel on all aspects of IT equipment installation, use and maintenance, networking and network devices, and software backup procedures. • Advise on all matters of hardware and software procurement and trouble-shoot day-to-day issues. • Recommend hiring of and supervise data input staff as well as any support data analysis personnel required to collect and manage audits, compliance reviews, monitoring, evaluation studies and research studies. • Supervise any technicians hired to install or service IT equipment that requires outsourcing. • Assist in preparing budget requests for hardware and software that may be needed to support data collection through enumerators and field audit personnel. Data Management, Software development, training and support: • Assume a lead role in liaison with government agencies to secure monitoring data required by POM to assist in its oversight role. • Assume a lead role in liaison with government agencies and development partners to secure key data that will assist in POM’s work (poverty profiling, education investment,GER, NER, etc.). • Assist in the design of POM’s primary data collection instruments, including questionnaires, to ensure the ease of data input and data analysis. • Develop guidelines to help organise the design and management of data from secondary data sources in an effort to ensure consistency of outputs and avoid the necessity of designing software to translate data from different sources. • Develop and install systems, software and documentation of POM-support-software required to support the audits, monitoring, impact assessments, and special studies. • Implement and maintain POM-support-software, and updating where necessary. • Assist in training and supporting sub-contracted data collection and enumeration personnel who will be involved in data collection activities. Data Storage and Analysis: • Advise on appropriate web-based storage mechanisms for POM and EP partner data and information to ensure security but also promote access. • Assist the POM consultants in all aspects of data analysis including providing guidance on database software options and other suitable analytical tools. • Supervise data input personnel and also short term technical support personnel hired to assist in data analysis. • Assist in coordinating field audits and field data collection activities related to POM monitoring and evaluation and also POM special studies. • Assist in preparing data analysis reports as a preliminary activity prior to POM consultants completing a more in-depth analytical review and interpretation. • Participate in data interpretation activities and provide input where possible. Other Duties: • Any other duties as directed by the POM Operations Manager or the GRM Project Manager for POM. Qualifications: • Undergraduate degree with strong knowledge in Information Technology (IT) and data storage systems. • Extensive knowledge and experience in software, hardware, and networking skills required by the Job Description. • Five years experience in information system/information technology and IT support. • Good work ethic and strong desire to complete tasks in a timely manner as directed. • Ability to effectively organize, prioritise work assignments, and work well under pressure to meet deadlines. • Ability to work independently and as a team member. • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with supervisor and project staff. • Working knowledge and communication capability in English. Ability to write summary reports on data analysis. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV with application and indicate ‘POM Data and IT Manager’ in the email subject, to: not later than August 13, 2012. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. POM is managed by GRM International on behalf of AusAID


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