Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Background 1. BaKTI was launched in September 2004 as the knowledge exchange unit of the multi-donor Support Office for Eastern Indonesia (SOfEI) and was administered by the World Bank through various single donor and multi-donor trust fund arrangements. On 24 August 2009, in order to strengthen local ownership and for future sustainability, BaKTI established itself as a Foundation (Yayasan Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Timur Indonesia or Yayasan BaKTI) under Indonesian law. The official launch of Yayasan BaKTI took place on 8 February 2010. 2. Yayasan BaKTI focuses on expanding local knowledge on good governance and poverty reduction, building bridges and networks among local reform champions, and providing platforms upon which reformers can share their successes and advocate for further change. 3. BaKTI has strong support and solid momentum in eastern Indonesia, where three quarters of all districts are classified by the Government of Indonesia as lagging (tertinggal) and where government and international development partners have a poor record of success. Its linkages to Governors, Heads of BAPPEDA, academics, NGOs, and other local stakeholders are essential to its relevance and effectiveness. Yayasan BaKTI’s approach to exchange of local knowledge and replication of local initiatives is itself a model for potential replication to other parts of the country. In summary, the nature of BaKTI’s work is to support and maintain the development, creation and dissemination of knowledge products, particularly those that have significant impact in improving service delivery, and also to support and maintain networks and mechanisms that enable key development actors in eastern Indonesia to improve the way they deliver public services. 4. In connection to that, Yayasan BaKTI is developing strategic partnerships with other development projects. Under these partnerships, it provides specific, tailored services to meet the knowledge sharing and communications needs of the project partners. These needs include everything from distributing project updates, to developing and sharing tools and approaches, to changing attitudes and behaviors of specific target groups. 5. One of these projects is the World Bank PREM Public Expenditure Analysis and Capacity Harmonization (PEACH). PEACH trains and facilitates local universities to produce public expenditure analyses (PEA), builds awareness among local governments on the challenges, and helps them to prioritize and address the challenges. BaKTI provides logistical support for the PEACH team, communications and publishing support, as well as access to local government and civil society and community networks established & maintained by BaKTI. 6. To offer better support for the PEACH program BaKTI will recruit a Program Officer to coordinate and supervise BaKTI – PEACH activities including communications, media campaign and engagement with stakeholders. For full and detail information about this please download the file at: (You must register or sign in first in order to look and download the file)


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