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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan (Rural) and Perkotaan (Urban) are long running Government community empowerment programmes, part-financed by the World Bank. They have a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) component that provides access to credit. With over $750m in assets, these RLFs constitute the largest community-driven microfinance operation in the world. The "PNPM Mandiri RLF Capacity Building and Sustainability Pilot Project" (The Pilot Project) runs from 2010-2014 and has as its goal to "achieve poverty reduction through ensuring sustainable access to financial services". It will achieve this through capacity building RLFs (inc. operations, MIS, legal status), and strengthening linkages with the commercial financial sector. The Pilot Project primarily looks at Sumatera Barat, Java Tengah, DI Yogyakarta and NTT. As part of this work, The Pilot Project is collecting, monitoring and analyzing large amounts of data, mostly financial, from existing and new channels. This data will be used to guide assessments, policy setting and monitoring of the RLFs, with respect to their ability to provide the poor with sustainable access to credit. A basic example of the existing data sets and analysis can be seen on the PNPM Perkotaan website: SCOPE OF WORK The Financial and Private Sector Development Department of the World Bank is hiring a Financial Data Analyst (the Analyst) to support the analysis and monitoring of PNPM RLF data. The Analyst will help `clean' data, answer questions posed of the data, and provide evidence for policy choices the team will recommend to the Government. The Analyst will be monitoring monthly RLF performance and may also be asked to assist in the effective communication of findings. The main tasks of the Analyst will be: - To ensure The Pilot Project has a complete set of the latest available monthly RLF performance related data for both Rural and Urban through coordination with relevant parties, especially the PNPM Support Facility (PSF). This will be for all available provinces (i.e. national) - To quickly organize and `clean' the RLF data for ease of further analysis by The Pilot Project Team - To provide timely basic analysis and reports on the monthly RLF data for The Pilot Project team. This will primarily be for the four pilot provinces of The Pilot Project - Provide more detailed analytical quarterly reports on the four pilot provinces, and other provinces to the extent available and required - Perform ad-hoc analysis, to answer specific questions from the The Pilot Project Team or counter-parties, e.g. is liquidity seasonal? - Assist in the testing and calibrating of RLF performance monitoring indicators (`ratings') - Work with other teams e.g. Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), PSF Financial Management (FM), PSF Field Team, PNPM Urban World Bank Team, and National/Regional Management Councils (N/RMC) of PNPM, to coordinate data analysis, flag issues, and communicate findings to management - Assist in communicating the implications of findings and building financial analysis capacity at all levels, starting from within The Pilot Project Team and other counterparties if requested e.g. assist in giving financial analysis seminars to PSF, and briefing of other consultants - Continually strengthen analytical capacity of The Pilot Project by looking for and assimilating other data sets of interest from The World Bank, Bank Indonesia, BPS, PSF, donors etc. E.g. correlation of poverty levels vs RLF performance - Give inputs to The Pilot Project Team on actions to be taken with respect to findings, and give ideas for further studies, if any - Assist in compiling analysis findings into a publishable technical note - Assist in general Pilot Project tasks as a member of The Pilot Project Team, e.g. make slides, review documents SELECTION CRITERIA The professional should be comfortable with: a) reading simple financial statements, b) quickly cleaning 1000s of lines of data that are error-prone and in user-unfriendly formats c) conducting basic financial analysis on the data as part of a team d) writing up and presenting findings to team-members in English The financial analyst should have the following qualifications: - A minimum bachelor's degree, and preferably a graduate degree in a subject that requires heavy data analysis (e.g. statistics, economics, science, math, engineering, accounting) - Minimum two years' work or graduate research experience, where data was analyzed in a team. Work experience in accounting or finance, preferably with exposure to the management of lending operations and the use of large "unclean" data-sets - Basic accounting skills (i.e. know the relationship between line-items in a Balance Sheet and Income Statement) and a familiarity with (micro) financial terms in Bahasa and preferably in English also - Financial analysis/modeling/audit and or knowledge of microfinance or PNPM performance indicators would be a major bonus - Basic understanding of statistics (descriptive and inferential analysis) - Advanced excel skills (extensive use of keyboard-shortcuts, and knowledge of advanced formulas) - Familiarity with data management and analysis software such as MS Access and STATA would be a bonus - Comfortable with creating powerpoint presentations explaining findings - Disciplined data management, to enable reproducible, easy-to-follow analysis on large data-sets in collaboration with team-mates - Good written and verbal English communication skills - High motivation levels to get through mountains of user-unfriendly data to a tight schedule The initial assignment will be for maximum of 150 days, starting on around August 27th, 2012. Interested applicant should send CV with cover letter no later than July 28, 2012 to email: Please indicate in the e-mail subject: PNPM RLF Financial Data Analyst - Application No phone calls contact. Only short-listed candidates will be notified


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