Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Habibie Center

Senior Qualitative Researcher The Habibie Center has recently launched a large-scale, 30-month project to enhance available knowledge about violence dynamics and causes of social conflict in Indonesia and develop evidence-based policy advice for government and other stake-holders. As part of this project, a team of researchers will utilize both quantitative and qualitative data on incidences of violent conflict across seven target provinces to: × Develop a Violence Intensity Index to systematically categorize and identify areas prone to violent conflict; × Produce regular policy briefs to identify emerging issues related to violent conflict and offer policy solutions to stake-holders; × Conduct two large-scale mixed-methods studies in Indonesia, each of which will look in depth at longer-term issues related to violence and its management in Indonesia. These studies will use qualitative data as well as quantitative field data that is provided by a third party on a periodic basis. Research findings are disseminated through regular publications, as well as in national seminars and regional workshops. Policy recommendations will be socialized regularly to key government counterparts and civil society actors. Organizational Context The Habibie Center provides the analysis for the National Violence Monitoring Scheme (NVMS), a program which will work in close partnership with the Office of the Deputy Minister for Social Vulnerability in the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare (Kemenkokesra). THC provides timely policy-relevant analysis and a deeper investigation of issues underlying patterns of violence in thirteen Indonesian provinces -- Jabodetabek, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Lampung, Maluku, North Maluku, Aceh, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi, Papua, and West Papua. In addition, THC’s analytical activities is accompanied by a process of active dissemination of research findings aimed at increasing the level of civil society participation in a public discourse on conflict issues and policy responses. The violence database will be extended on an ongoing basis over a period of 30 months. Senior Qualitative Researcher Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Duration: 1 year (start October 2012)extensible based on performance, full-time (five days or 35-40 hours per week). Description of Responsibilities Senior Research Analysts will have a range of responsibilities, including: General responsibilities: × To ensure implementation of project strategies and procedures, focusing on achieving thorough analysis and research of the social conflict situation in Indonesia and the preparation of substantive inputs to Thematic Studies and Policy Briefs, × To provide substantive inputs and supports for the dissemination of analytical works (national seminars and regional workshops) × Mentoring junior research team in methods, writing and research Thematic studies (80% of allocated time) × Developing research design for all analytical products, mainly 2 main thematic studies; × Lead and supervise team for field work for each thematic studies in cooperation with local partner(s); × Providing qualitative data analysis to produce research reports; × Writing report of Thematic Studies(Qualitative); Policy Brief (20 % of allocated time) × Provide analysis and input to the tri-annual Policy Briefs; × Support advocacy of evidence-based research for government implementation through provision of concrete policy recommendations to stake-holders; Core Competencies × Based in Jakarta, with willingness to travel to several conflict areas to conduct fieldwork × Respect local culture and values; × Cooperate and coordinate with all stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure good communication, especially related to mechanisms involving the project's implementation; × Identifying and building networks with key persons in the regions covered; × Build coordination with local partners byD developing and maintaining good lines of communication and relationships with local authorities and local communities; Qualifications Education/ Experience: × A postgraduate degree (Masters) in a social science,and/or ten years qualitative research experience, research design, and field works; × Knowledge of (qualitative and quantitative) research approach; × Demonstrate knowledge of conflict, politics and development issues in Indonesia; × Professional maturity, with strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work in a team; × Strong research, writing,analytical and organizational skills; × Skilled in various computer applications (Microsoft Office, Internet, proficiency in research software application); × Experience working with a variety of stakeholders, including local research organizations, governments and non-government organizations; × Integrity, professional discretion and an ability to interact effectively with diverse partners; × Willing to commit five working days or35-40 hours per week to the project on the premises. Language Requirements: × Fluent Indonesian and English language skills. To apply for thisposition, please send CVs a nd applications to ima@habibiecenter.or.idor imronrasyid@gmail.com, closing date of submission 18th September 2012 Please include: - Cover letter - Curriculum Vitae - Writing Samples Please do not include anything else in your application and only submit these via email.


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