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Search for Common Ground Indonesia(SFCG)

Consultant of Final Evaluation Documentation 
Search for Common Ground Indonesia(SFCG), a non-profit, independent, secular, non-government organisation dedicated to conflict transformation, is seeking a consultantto work as a Consultant to produce a video documentation of final evaluation processfor SFCG’s Transformational Women’s LeadershipProject. 
The Goal of the two-year Indonesian Transformational Women’s Leadership Projectis to strengthen the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various levels of society. 

The approach involves:
 (1) strengthening the capacity of women’s organizations to provide ongoing leadership development for community and political leaders through a multi-layered, transformational leadership development program; and (2)utilizing the media effectively to empower women around issues of participation, rights and justice. The Program objectives include: 
* Newly elected women members of parliament are equipped with leadership skills and advanced knowledge of issues affecting women to help them govern. 
* Trainers/facilitators from local national women’s organizations are empowered as agents of reform and change and provide this state-of-the-art leadership training at the community and national levels in Indonesia. 
* Aspiring and elected/appointed female politicians are empowered as decision-makers and leaders. 
* The population’s awareness of women’s role as agents of social change through civic and political participation, representation, and gender justice is increased.

Final EvaluationObjectives:
The evaluation will have the following objectives:
1.       To assess the effectiveness of the project (i.e., the extent to which the project stated objectives have been
2.       To assess the impact of the project, particularly to assess the knowledge and attitudinal changes on the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various levels of society.
3.       To determine whether the project is facilitating the useful exploration of the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various levels of societyby SFCG’s project stakeholders including the parliamentarians, CSO, policy makers, and women. 
4.       To provide recommendations for future programming.

Evaluation Questions 
[1]: Effectiveness
1. To what extent have the project’s objectives been reached?
2. Are the project activities adequate to realize the objectives? Impact
3. Has the project succeeded in enhancing the capacity of the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various
levels of society?
4. Has the project been able to change understanding the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various levels of
5. Has the project able to change attitudes/behaviorof women parliamentarian and publiccommunity?
6. Has the project provided adequate resources (training manual, training, radio drama etc) to enhance understanding of the rights and roles of Indonesian women at various levels of society and change the targeted beneficiaries’ behavior to be moreopen-minded and tolerant? Relevance
5. Are objectives of the project meeting the needs and priorities of Indonesia community?
6. Should the direction of the project be changed to better reflect those needs and priorities?Project Design Improvement
7. How can the overall design of the project be improved to better achieve the project objectives?
Finally, the evaluation will examine the project’s non-technical aspects, so as to provide a broader picture for the project intervention, exploring the relationship between the technical and non-technical aspects. 
The Consultant will be responsible to proceed the following activities:
1.       Videoing/filming the process of the final evaluation conducted by the external evaluator.
2.       Interviewing project beneficieries, partners, and related stakeholders for the proect success stories.
3.       Editing and mastering the documentary video of final report evaluation process and project success stories. 
POSITION                            :A Consultant of Final Evaluation Documentation
LOCATION                           :Basedin Jakarta and field travel to other regions
STATUS                                 :FULL TIME (8 hours per day)
CONTRACT PERIOD        : 15 days of work (25 September – 15 October 2012), below is the description 
OUTPUT                               :Final Evaluation Documentation Video (due to: 15 Oct)
1.   5 years experience in video and film making.
2.   Excellent multi-cultural communication skills; substantial NGO/INGO experience a plus.
3.   Excellent knowldege and understanding with gender awareness, women leadership, women’s politic, media issues and analysis.
4.   Fluent in Indonesian and English. 
5.   Willingness to travel.
Required document to be submitted:
1.       Letter of Interest 
2.       CV 
3.       Sample of Video/Film produced 
4.       Workplan: 25 Sept – 15 Oct
5.       Budget for Consultant fee 
Supervision of the Consultant: 
The consultant will be under the direct supervision of the SFCG Country Director, Mr Scott Cunliffe. With further assistance from Ms Yunita Mardiani, Mrs Leli Nurohmah and Mr Agus Nahrowi. 
How to apply:
If you believe you are the candidate we are looking for, please apply by send your applicationwith required documentsto
The closing date: 23 September 2012(16.00 WIB)
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


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