Monday, September 10, 2012


JOB CODE TITLE:BILATERAL COOPERATION ANALYST 1 position) Project title: Research on Strategies to Enhance the Bilateral Development Cooperation Duty station: Jakarta/Aid for Development Effectiveness Secretariat (A4DES) Duration: October 2012 until February 2013(fulltime based) Reports tothe Chairman of A4DES Management Committee/Director ofBilateral Foreign Funding Bappenas Interested candidates please send your cover letter and CV to: OR The application should be received no later than 12 September 2012. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. Background National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) is the elaboration of the Vision, Mission, and Presidential Programmes which its formulation was based on the National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2005-2025. According to the Law No. 17/2007 on RPJPN 2005-2025, the long term development process is divided into four stages of RPJMN as follows: 1. RPJM 2005-2009 2. RPJM 2010-2014 3. RPJM 2015-2019 4. RPJM 2020-2025 The implementation of the second National RPJM will come to an end in 2014. The national development process of the next period will be guided by the third national RPJMwhich will be prepared based on the implementation, achievement, and sustainability of the National RPJM2010-2014. The third National RPJM is aimed at further consolidating the overall development process in all areas by emphasizing the achievement of the economic competitiveness which is driven by the use of natural resources, more qualified human resources, as well as the increase in scientific and technology acquisition. Having understood that 2014 is the end of the second National RPJM period, The Directorate of Bilateral Foreign Funding of Bappenas acknowledges the need to conduct research ofstrategies to enhance the bilateral development cooperation. The results of this research will also be proposed as one of background studies to formulate the draft of National RPJM 2015-2019. The research will be carried out from September2012 until February2013. This research will cover a review of the evolvement of the bilateral development cooperation within the last five years and its outlook (prospect) for the period of 2015-2019. The pattern of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and several development partners such as Korea, China, Germany, and Australia will be the starting point of this research. In line with the above explanation, onestrategic position need to be filled in order to ensure the running of this research project and one of the positions needed is the Expert. He/she will be assigned to lead the research process. Research Question : What kind of government’s strategies to enhance bilateral development cooperation in the period of the third National RPJM which objectives are mainly to achieve the vision, mission and future development direction stated in the National RPJP? Research Objective : This research is aimed at producing a draft of background study for the formulation of the National RPJM 2010-2014. Qualifications 1. Possess a Doctoral or Masters degree in Economics, Engineering, Development Studies, Management, Public Administration,Public Policy, Political and Social Sciences or related development-related disciplines; 2. Has substantial working experiences, at least 5 years, in any development field projects; 3. Sound knowledge on development cooperation; 4. Be familiar with the government procedures of policy and regulatory formulation; 5. Has experiences in working with both government officials and donor’s institutions. 6. Be familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point Presentation, Outlook, Internet Explorer) and Adobe Acrobat; 7. Has excellent written and verbal communication skills; 8. Be able to engage in teamwork; 9. Be able to prepare design and research plan; 10. Be able to work under pressure; 11. Be open to new ideas; 12. Not listed on Bappenas’s blacklist of consultants. 13. Possess Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak; 14. Understands government’s project remuneration system. 15. Be fluent in Indonesian and English. 16. Other duties assigned. Output/Specific Tasks 1. To conduct desk review on background materials and analysis current framework of bilateral cooperation based on previous work done by the Directorate of Bilateral Foreign Funding. 2. To consolidate data/information on bilateral cooperation. 3. To arrange/organise discussions with research related parties. 4. To identify potential respondents for background study of RPJM. 5. To share research findings with the Directorate of Bilateral Foreign Funding. 6. To present the background study in front of the Chairman of A4DES Management 7. To submit all requested reports, in a timely manner, to the Chairman of A4DES Management Committee/Director of Bilateral Foreign Funding. 8. To meet the approved schedule of project activities 9. To closely coordinate with the Directorate of Bilateral Foreign Funding to ensure effective implementation of the research project. Deliverables 1. The detailed outline of research/study. 2. A list of references. 3. An annotated bibliography. 4. Research progress report. 5. The final draft of background study of the National RPJM covering issues elaborated in the detailed outline of research/study. 6. Research final report. 7. The individual monthly work report.


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