Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ACF International

Job Title : Program Managers (3 positions) Base : Kupang/NTT Starting date : ASAP Initial contract : 6 months Founded in 1979, ACF International (Action Against Hunger) is an international humanitarian organization that delivers programmes in over 40 countries. Recognized worldwide as a leader in the fight against hunger, our mission is to save lives through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations and conflicts. ACF Indonesia Mission is now starting an 18 months Nutrition Program and this project aims to tackle the underlying causes of child malnutrition through strengthening of health services, the promoting appropriate child feeding and care practices, as well as food security activities. Moreover, this project intends to improve the capacity of local governments and local communities in order raise their ability to sustainably address problems related to under nutrition in NTT province through a holistically integrated approach. Therefore, ACF Indonesia is now seeking 3 qualified candidates to fill the Program Manager positions as outlined below : NUTRITION PROGRAM MANAGER (Code : 01NUT-PM/VIII/KU2012) Diploma/ Level of studies: S1 in Medical sciences/medical doctor/nurse Required skills: • Good communication skills • Previous experiences working in humanitarian organizations/context will be beneficial • Understanding of inpatient treatment in hospital • Training experience in medical sector (management of SAM children, IMCI) Objective 1: Establish and supervise activities in the framework of nutritional projects - Management of the Nutrition project - Write monthly reports (APR). Objective 2: Organise staff development programmes for the ACF teams - Evaluation of the skill level and technical competence of the ACF teams - Identification of training needs - Ensuring the quality and pertinence of training programmes established for the ACF teams Objective 3: Training and managing the programme team - Do annual assessment of the skills and performance of the ACF teams in his/her programme - The management of his/her teams (leadership, monitoring, motivation) Objective 4: Develop and direct operations - Introducing a strategy for addressing the problem of malnutrition which is adapted to the local context - Timely and high quality implementation of planned activities within his/her programme and alerting the Nutrition Head of Department to any delays or excessive or under-use of resources - Timely and high quality reporting, both internal and external, of the activities of his/her programme, together with a critical analysis - Identifying and proposing the development of new programmes - Writing the nutritional and medical sections of proposals for new activities in his/her zone Objective 5: Represent ACF and develop local partnerships - The professional vocal point of ACF in his/her geographical area - The distribution to partners of information collected locally - The quality of relations with partners CARE PRACTICE PROGRAM MANAGER (Code : 02CP-PM/VIII/KU2012) Diploma/ Level of studies: S1 in medical sciences Required skills: • Good communication skills • Previous experiences working in humanitarian organizations/context will be beneficial • Understanding of local context (community behaviour) • Training in IYCF, Positive Deviance, etc. • Familiarity with different stimulation/awareness methods Objective1 : Ensure the evolution of the humanitarian situation as concerns care practices - Collect and analyse information on care practices within project areas; - Recognize the impact of living conditions on the population ; - Analyse population practices to follow-up the project. Objective 2: Contribute to defining the project strategy - Evaluate population needs; - Propose intervention strategies ; - Write proposals and technical reports for the donors ; Objective 3: Supervise the project : - Approve the project implementation methodology ; - Ensure expertise and technical support on care practices; - Communicate and collaborate with the other departments on all the projects ; - Write monthly reports (APR). Objective 4: Ensure care practices support to beneficiaries - Provide technical support on staff and community volunteers on breastfeeding counselling and IYCF feeding trainings - Supervise the implementation of care practices activities within the target areas Objective 5: Represent the organization when liaising with the partners : - Cooperate with other actors working in the field of care practices: cooperation agencies, NGOs, local institutions, administration, etc. - Liaise with related stakeholders on supervising the implementation of care practices activities within the health facilities Objective 6: Supervise the team: - Recruiting and training of members of care practices team; - Carry out appraisals of the project staff; - Reinforce management of the project ; - Stimulate and communicate with the team members ; - Organize and conduct team meetings. FOOD SECURITY PROGRAM MANAGER (Code : 03FS-PM/VIII/2012) Diploma/ Level of studies: Degree in Agriculture, experience in training, community based education, community awareness and knowledge in organic farming and livestock. Required skills: • Experience in agriculture program management. • Experience in organic/ horticulture farming • Communication, listening and observation skills, • Good knowledge of the area and local customs Good reporting skills Objective 1 : Promote the comprehension of food security in the intervention area - Collect and evaluate information on food security and the living conditions of the populations; - Participate actively in developing a food security strategy under the responsibility of the programme coordinator; - Contribute towards the elaboration of proposals ; - Act as a link between the different food security actors and inform them of the outcome of the evaluation. Objective 2 : Implement suitable food security activities - Organize and supervise the implementation of identified activities in coordination with other departments; - Define implementation modalities (identification and registration of beneficiaries, distribution of tools and seeds, monitoring, etc.); - Support trainings related to food security in targeted areas - Provide technical support in term of food security and livelihood to beneficiaries and related stakeholders in target areas Objective 3 : Supervise the team - Recruit and train the team members ; - Plan and coordinate the team’s activities; - Identify the training needs ; - Carry out appraisals of the team members. Objective 4: Reporting and Monitoring - Finalize the internal and external activity reports of FS project - Evaluate the relevance and appropriateness of the intervention in view of the evolution of the context and needs; General Requirements for all positions : Experience in humanitarian work indispensable – Experience in management, in following through a programme, in evaluating security – Good organizer – Rigour – Good analytical capacity – Team spirit – Good communication and relations with people Please submit your CV and Application Letter in English with at least two references to : *acfrecruitment@yahoo.fr* before 13 September 2012 , with the position code as subject of your applications. Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted. All ACF members are committed to respect the 6 leading principles of the organization: independence, non-discrimination, free and direct access to victims, professionalism and transparency. ACF is an equal opportunity employer.


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