Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Chemonics seeks a short-term Economist for the USAID-funded Indonesia Marine and Climate Support project in Indonesia. The project’s goal is to support the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) efforts to achieve sustainability in the marine and fisheries sector and to improve the response of coastal communities to near-term disasters and long-term impacts related to climate change. This assignment will support the Government of Indonesia, specifically MMAF, in defining the scope and technical underpinnings of the blue economy. Responsibilities include: 1. Assisting in researching other country or institutional (including but not limited to FAO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank) experience to determine if appropriate blue economy definitions and assumptions exist that would be applicable to Indonesia. 2. Work closely with MMAF and the international economist to define the blue economy in terms of its major components. Local experts on the team should inform the process of other potentially relevant efforts on the blue economy elsewhere (e.g., other ministries) in Indonesia. 3. Work to define what waters the blue economy covers (inland, coastal fringe, open sea). 4. Assist in identifying the most influential components, leading to definition of quantitative, feasible blue economy indicators. Indicators could reflect the blue economy elements listed in the background discussion above, or others. 5. Give input into the creation of precise indicator definitions allowing determination of baselines, targets, and a data collection, quality assurance, and analysis plan. 6. Provide input into multiple options for MMAF consideration for a simple “blue economy index” (BEI) based on appropriate indicators and weightings. 7. Working with the rest of the team, help establish a strategy and approach, with initial roles and responsibilities, to monitor the blue economy indicators on an annual basis and measure progress toward targets. Qualifications: · At least ten years of relevant experience. · Master’s degree in relevant field preferred. · Strong interpersonal and written communications skills. · Capable of working independently and as part of a team. · Strong writing and speaking ability required in both Indonesian and English. Application Instructions: Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume with the subject “Economist” to as soon as possible, but no later than August 24, 2012. Only finalists will be contacted.


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