Friday, June 22, 2012

Project Assistant

Job Description Title Position: APINDO – EU ACTIVE Project Assistant Project Title: APINDO – EU ACTIVE Project Duration Post: 12 months Starting Date: 1 August 2012 Introduction ACTIVE is a three years join cooperation project between APINDO AND European Union, aims to to strengthen APINDO’s policy making and advocacy capabilities.This action will address the lack of capacity in the Indonesian Employers Association (Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia – APINDO) to analyse, evaluate and advocate adequately the Indonesian business sector’s interests in a CEPA with the EU and the associated domestic reforms that are needed to improve competitiveness for a CEPA. The goal is to empower APINDO to play a more direct and substantive role in (1) preparations for a CEPA thereby creating a conducive international business environment to expand exports and attract investment, and (2) developing critical reforms in the two top priorities for competitiveness, namely logistics and transport and the labor market, thereby creating a competitive national business environment to enhance the potential opportunities from a CEPA for business and jobs creation. Description of Duties Under the direct supervision of APINDO-EU ACTIVE Project Manager, and overall Supervision of APINDO Finance Controler, the PA will be overall responsible for the smooth functioningof the project administration and his/her specific tasks include: 1. Maintain all ACTIVE project's financial data such as;Quotations,Expenditures for ACTIVE Activities, Receipts, Bills, etc. 2. Assist in collecting data and other information on the project related ACTIVE issues and activities. 3. Operate and maintain the project account for petty cash for the day to day project expenses, ifrequired. 4. Obtain necessary written quotations and assist the Finance Controler to prepare thetentative budget for various ACTIVE Activities; Socialiation, Training, Meeting. 5. Prepare routine correspondence. 6. Preparesupporting documents of progress/ fundingreportson programming andfinancial/administrative matters. 7. Maintain and update databases and records on the ACTIVE project related documents, press clippings, 8. Documentingpublications/material and communicationrelated with ACTIVE Project. 9. Provide secretarial, administrative and logistic support to ACTIVE works; meetings,training/workshops. 10. Prepare agenda material, keep records/minutes of such meetings. 11. Arrange appointments, receive, visitors, place, screen telephone calls and answer queries withdiscretion. 12. Keep lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers of officials and organizationsinvolvedin relation toACTIVE project. 13. Prepare informal translations of correspondence and other documents; 14. Cooperate with GA APINDO, make travel arrangements for the ACTIVE project staff. 15. Undertake any other duties as may be required by the project. C. Qualification Requirements Education: Bachelor degrees in Secretary or Accounting Experience:Three to four yearsgeneral clerical administrative work. Languages:Good written and spoken English Competencies 1. Proven ability to use word processing software and email. Ability to use othersoftware packages required by the work unit. 2. Proven typing abilities. 3. Knowledge of officeadministrative procedure. 4. Knowledge of in-house procedures for thepreparation of documents and administrative forms, and for the use of filing systems. 5. Ability toreply in an appropriate manner to work related inquiries. 6. Ability to work well with colleagues. 7. Ability to organize own work. 8. Ability to evaluate correspondence and inquiries for best course ofaction. If you or think of those who might be interested, please feel free to circulate the information. Send the application and CV by 30 June 2012 to APINDO-EU ACTIVE Project Manager


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